Simple Bus Ticket Booking System In PHP (Free Download) (2023)

Welcome to a tutorial on how to create a simple bus ticket booking system in PHP and MySQL. Working for a client who is going to run a fleet of buses? Or just doing this as an old-school assignment? Well, here’s a simple booking system that will kickstart your project. Read on!

ⓘ I have included a zip file with all the source code at the start of this tutorial, so you don’t have to copy-paste everything… Or if you just want to dive straight in.

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Simple Bus Ticket Booking System In PHP (Free Download) (5)

Firstly, here is the download link to the example code as promised.


  • Create a database and import 1-database.sql.
  • Change the database settings in 2-bus-lib.php to your own.
  • Access 3a-reservation.php in the browser.

If you spot a bug, feel free to comment below. I try to answer short questions too, but it is one person versus the entire world… If you need answers urgently, please check out my list of websites to get help with programming.


Simple Bus Ticket Booking System In PHP (Free Download) (6)


Click here to download all the example source code, I have released it under the MIT license, so feel free to build on top of it or use it in your own project.


Simple Bus Ticket Booking System In PHP (Free Download) (7)

All right, let us now get into more details on how the PHP MYSQL bus ticket booking system works.




-- (A) AVAILABLE SEATSCREATE TABLE `seats` ( `bus_id` varchar(16) NOT NULL, `seat_id` varchar(16) NOT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4;ALTER TABLE `seats` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`seat_id`,`bus_id`);INSERT INTO `seats` (`bus_id`, `seat_id`) VALUES('BUS-A', 'A1'),('BUS-A', 'A2'),('BUS-A', 'A3'),('BUS-A', 'A4'),('BUS-A', 'B1'),('BUS-A', 'B2'),('BUS-A', 'B3'),('BUS-A', 'B4'),('BUS-A', 'C1'),('BUS-A', 'C2'),('BUS-A', 'C3'),('BUS-A', 'C4');

This table should be self-explanatory, to store the seats available on the buses.

  • bus_id Partial primary key, vehicle registration number.
  • seat_id Partial primary key.

Well, feel free to add more fields as required – Window seat, smoking allowed, or even invent your own “grid system” to properly store the seat layout.



-- (B) TRIPSCREATE TABLE `trips` ( `trip_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `bus_id` varchar(16) NOT NULL, `trip_date` datetime NOT NULL, `trip_from` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `trip_to` varchar(255) NOT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4;ALTER TABLE `trips` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`trip_id`), ADD KEY `bus_id` (`bus_id`), ADD KEY `trip_date` (`trip_date`);ALTER TABLE `trips` MODIFY `trip_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, AUTO_INCREMENT=2;INSERT INTO `trips` (`trip_id`, `bus_id`, `trip_date`, `trip_from`, `trip_to`) VALUES(1, 'BUS-A', '2077-06-05 00:00:00', 'Point A', 'Point B');
  • trip_id Primary key, auto-increment.
  • bus_id Foreign key.
  • trip_date When the trip takes place.
  • trip_from Board the bus here.
  • trip_to Destination.



-- (C) RESERVATIONSCREATE TABLE `reservations` ( `trip_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `user_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `email` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `name` varchar(255) NOT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4;ALTER TABLE `reservations` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`trip_id`, `user_id`), ADD KEY `email` (`email`);
  • trip_id Partial primary and foreign key.
  • user_id Partial primary and foreign key.
  • email Customer’s email.
  • name Customer’s name.

Some of you sharp code ninjas should have question marks over why we are storing the email and name, when we can retrieve the data from the user table. This is not redundant, customers may be booking for someone else or on behalf of their company.

P.S. Add more fields as necessary again.



-- (D) RESERVED SEATSCREATE TABLE `reserve_seats` ( `trip_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `user_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `seat_id` varchar(16) NOT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4; ALTER TABLE `reserve_seats` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`trip_id`, `user_id`, `seat_id`);

A “sub table” for reservations, to store which seats are selected. trip_id user_id seat_id are all primary and foreign keys.



<?phpclass Bus { // (A) CONSTRUCTOR - CONNECT TO DATABASE private $pdo = null; private $stmt = null; public $error = null; function __construct () { $this->pdo = new PDO( "mysql:host=".DB_HOST.";dbname=".DB_NAME.";charset=".DB_CHARSET, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, [ PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE => PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION, PDO::ATTR_DEFAULT_FETCH_MODE => PDO::FETCH_ASSOC ]); } // (B) DESTRUCTOR - CLOSE DATABASE CONNECTION function __destruct () { if ($this->stmt !== null) { $this->stmt = null; } if ($this->pdo !== null) { $this->pdo = null; } } // (C) HELPER FUNCTION - RUN SQL QUERY function query ($sql, $data=null) { $this->stmt = $this->pdo->prepare($sql); $this->stmt->execute($data); } // (D) ADD/EDIT TRIP function trip ($bus, $date, $from, $to, $tid=null) { // (D1) SQL & DATA if ($tid==null) { $sql = "INSERT INTO `trips` (`bus_id`, `trip_date`, `trip_from`, `trip_to`) VALUES (?,?,?,?)"; $data = [$bus, $date, $from, $to]; } else { $sql = "UPDATE `trips` SET `bus_id`=?, `trip_date`=?, `trip_from`=?, `trip_to`=? WHERE `trip_id`=?"; $data = [$bus, $date, $from, $to, $tid]; } // (D2) RESULTS $this->query($sql, $data); return true; } // (E) GET GIVEN TRIP function get ($tid) { // (E1) TRIP DATA $this->query("SELECT * FROM `trips` WHERE `trip_id`=?", [$tid]); $trip = $this->stmt->fetch(); if (!is_array($trip)) { return false; } // (E2) SEATS $this->query( "SELECT s.`seat_id`, r.`user_id` FROM `seats` s LEFT JOIN `trips` t USING (`bus_id`) LEFT JOIN `reserve_seats` r USING(`seat_id`) WHERE t.`trip_id`=? ORDER BY s.`seat_id`", [$tid] ); $trip["seats"] = $this->stmt->fetchAll(); return $trip; } // (F) SAVE RESERVATION function reserve ($tid, $uid, $email, $name, $seats) { // (F1) RESERVATIONS TABLE $this->query( "INSERT INTO `reservations` (`trip_id`, `user_id`, `email`, `name`) VALUES (?,?,?,?)", [$tid, $uid, $email, $name] ); // (F2) SELECTED SEATS $sql = "INSERT INTO `reserve_seats` (`trip_id`, `user_id`, `seat_id`) VALUES "; foreach ($seats as $seat) { $sql .= "(?,?,?),"; $data[] = $tid; $data[] = $uid; $data[] = $seat; } $sql = substr($sql, 0, -1); $this->query($sql, $data); return true; }}// (G) DATABASE SETTINGS - CHANGE TO YOUR OWN!define("DB_HOST", "localhost");define("DB_NAME", "test");define("DB_CHARSET", "utf8mb4");define("DB_USER", "root");define("DB_PASSWORD", "");// (H) NEW BUS BOOKING OBJECT$_BUS = new Bus();

The library may look massive at first, but keep and look closely.

  • (A, B, H) When $_BUS = new Bus() is created, the constructor connects to the database. The destructor closes the connection.
  • (C) query() A simple helper function to run an SQL statement.
  • (D To F) The “actual” booking functions.
    • trip() Add or edit a trip.
    • get() Get the specified trip.
    • reserve() Save a reservation.
  • (G) Self-explanatory. Change the settings to your own.




<?php// (A) FIXED FOR THIS DEMO$tripid = 1;$userid = 999;// (B) GET TRIPrequire "2-bus-lib.php";$trip = $_BUS->get($tripid);?><!-- (C) TRIP INFO --><div class="info"> <div class="iLeft">Date</div> <div class="iRight"><?=$trip["trip_date"]?></div></div><div class="info"> <div class="iLeft">From</div> <div class="iRight"><?=$trip["trip_from"]?></div></div><div class="info"> <div class="iLeft">To</div> <div class="iRight"><?=$trip["trip_to"]?></div></div> <!-- (D) DRAW SEATS LAYOUT --><div id="layout"><?php foreach ($trip["seats"] as $s) { $taken = is_numeric($s["user_id"]); printf("<div class='seat%s'%s>%s</div>", $taken ? " taken" : "", $taken ? "" : " onclick='reserve.toggle(this)'", $s["seat_id"] );} ?></div> <!-- (E) LEGEND --><div class="legend"> <div class="box"></div> Open</div><div class="legend"> <div class="box taken"></div> Taken</div><div class="legend"> <div class="box selected"></div> Your selected seats</div> <!-- (F) SAVE RESERVATION --><form id="form" method="post" action="4-save.php" onsubmit="return;"> <input type="hidden" name="tid" value="<?=$tripid?>"> <input type="hidden" name="uid" value="<?=$userid?>"> <label>Name</label> <input type="text" name="name" required value="Jon Doe"> <label>Email</label> <input type="email" name="email" required value=""> <input type="submit" value="Reserve Seats"></form>

Not going to explain the HTML page line-by-line, but a quick walkthrough:

  • (A & B) Load the PHP library, and get information on the trip. The trip id and user id are fixed for this demo.
  • (C) Information on the trip itself.
  • (D) Seats layout and select a seat.
  • (E) Seats legend.
  • (F) “Checkout form”.



var reserve = { // (A) CHOOSE THIS SEAT toggle : seat => seat.classList.toggle("selected"), // (B) SAVE RESERVATION save : () => { // (B1) GET SELECTED SEATS var selected = document.querySelectorAll("#layout .selected"); // (B2) ERROR! if (selected.length == 0) { alert("No seats selected."); return false; } // (B3) NINJA FORM SUBMISSION else { var form = document.getElementById("form"); for (let seat of selected) { let input = document.createElement("input"); input.type = "hidden"; = "seats[]"; input.value = seat.innerHTML; form.appendChild(input); } return true; } }};

This one just simply inserts the selected seats into the HTML form before submission.



<?php// (A) LOAD LIBRARYrequire "2-bus-lib.php";// (B) SAVEecho $_BUS->reserve( $_POST["tid"], $_POST["uid"], $_POST["email"], $_POST["name"], $_POST["seats"]) ? "OK" : "ERROR" ;// print_r($_POST);

Right, this dummy “checkout page” simply saves the booking request. Complete your own –

  • Require the customer to pay first?
  • Send a confirmation email?
  • User registration required?
  • Show a nice “thank you” page.

You decide.


Simple Bus Ticket Booking System In PHP (Free Download) (8)

That’s all for the tutorial, and here is a small section on some extras and links that may be useful to you.


I can hear the trolls singing “this is not a complete system”! Well, this is a simple tutorial, there are plenty of things to consider:

  • If you don’t already have an existing user system, see the links below.
  • If you don’t already have an existing admin panel, see the links below.
  • Decide if you require users to be registered before allowing them to book, open for public booking (no registration required), or auto register when they “checkout”.
  • Decide if you want to restrict the number of seats a customer can book, or if they need to manually call to book the entire bus.
  • Complete your own online payment if you require customers to pay before booking.
  • Complete your own processes – Send email confirmation? Send SMS? Verifications required for cross-border services? Documents?
  • Do your own reports.
  • Beef up on your own security and checks.

It is impossible to create a “one size fits all system”, and I cannot provide free consultation for everyone – “Complete the system” is your own homework.


  • Simple User Login With PHP MySQL – Code Boxx
  • User Registration With Email Verification – Code Boxx
  • Simple PHP MySQL Admin Panel – Code Boxx
  • Simple User Role Management – Code Boxx


Simple Bus Ticket Booking System In PHP (Free Download) (9)

Thank you for reading, and we have come to the end. I hope that it has helped you to better understand, and if you want to share anything with this guide, please feel free to comment below. Good luck and happy coding!


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The bus tracking system uses GPS technology and software applications to track the location of buses and provide real-time updates to operators and passengers. These systems allow passengers to track buses in real-time, making sure they know exactly when the next bus will arrive.

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With the bus ticket reservation system, you can manage reservations, client data, passenger lists, and fares. Even if you are able to manage scheduled routes, set seat availability, upload an interactive seat map.

Which model is used for bus reservation system? ›

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  2. Get the unique form code.
  3. Enter the form code into your HTML editor.
  4. Congrats! You have added the Booking Forms widget to the HTML webpage successfully.

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The Service Contracting program, which allows for free rides on EDSA Carousel buses and on other public utility vehicles, has received a budget of P1. 28 billion under the 2023 General Appropriations Act, said Budget Sec.

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You can buy bus tickets to TBS and from TBS at the physical ticket counter located at the bus terminal. It is easy to book tickets to TBS and from TBS online. You can get online tickets in less than 5 mins. No, it is not compulsory to register to book TBS online tickets.

What is the meaning of 2 1 in bus? ›

Some buses allow you to book a double sleeper seat or a single sleeper seat. As an example, you will see this when booking bus tickets as “2+1,” with the “2” being a double, and the “1” being a single. If you're traveling with a partner, then you'll probably prefer to book the double.

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The first way to host your API is directly from your local computer. Even though this sounds weird, it's pretty easy and for free. While you are developing your API using express or any other library you host it in your localhost:3000 where 3000 is the port through which the network request happens.

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Singabus - Bus Timing + MRT 4+

How do bus QR codes work? ›

Here are a few steps for how to use them:

On iOS - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that runs on iOS11 or for Android users - Google on Tap, Google Assistant or Google Lens. Open your camera app and point it steady towards the QR codes you want to scan at the stop. Your live bus times will automatically appear.

Do you need Internet for First bus App? ›

A: Whilst you don't need an internet connection at the point you activate an already purchased ticket, a regular internet connection is required by the app to keep content upto date and secure.

What programming language does Amadeus use? ›

As you are aware, Amadeus Self-Service APIs are supported by open-source SDKs (Software Development Kits) in GitHub with 8 programming languages (Java, Python, Node, PHP, Android, Ruby, iOS, . NET).

Is Amadeus for developers free? ›

In the test environment, you get a free request quota each month to build and fine-tune your apps. When you move to production, you maintain your free request quota and pay only for the additional calls you make.

How to access data using API? ›

Now, we will use Acho as an example to demonstrate how to connect to your API with no coding.
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  6. Check and maintain the pipeline.
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What are the 3 components of the system bus? ›

The term “bus” is used to represent a group of electrical signals or the wires that carry these signals. As shown in Figure 1.5, the system bus consists of three major components: an address bus, a data bus, and a control bus. memory. Furthermore, each data transfer can move 64 bits of data.

What are the four types of system bus? ›

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  • Data bus - carries the data between the processor and other components. ...
  • Control bus - carries control signals from the processor to other components.

What are the types of ticket reservation? ›

  • GN. General Quota.
  • LD. Ladies Quota.
  • HO. Head quarters/high official Quota.
  • DF. Defence Quota.
  • PH. Parliament house Quota.
  • FT. Foreign Tourist Quota.
  • DP. Duty Pass Quota.
  • tq. Tatkal Quota.

What is RFID based bus fare system? ›

The unique ID in the RFID cards are stored in a database in the internet along with personal data and creates accounts for each person. By accessing this database, it is thus possible to identify the traveller, check his account and deduct the fare from his/her account.

What was the first model of bus? ›

The first vehicle was delivered to the “Netphener Omnibus-Gesellschaft mbH” bus company in the Siegerland region of Germany, today part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The world's first motorized bus went into service on 18 March 1895. 5 PS to carry eight people.

What is the objective of online bus ticket reservation system? ›

The purpose of an online booking system is to allow potential customers to self-book and pay through your website, securely store customer's data, manage your staff and keep your business running long after you've gone home for the day.

How many tickets can be booked in a day? ›

As per Indian Railways rules, a maximum of four passengers per PNR can be booked on Tatkal e-ticket. A person is allowed to book up to 4 tatkal tickets on one PNR.

How many tickets can be booked at a time? ›

An individual user can book a maximum of six tickets in a calendar month.

What is the difference between booking and ticketing? ›

Ticketing and booking are two separate processes. Booking just holds the seat on the plane. Ticketing means that the seat is paid for and the passenger has the right to take it during the flight.

What do I need in a ticketing system? ›

These are the 10 must-have features you should look for in your ticket management system:
  1. Multi-channel accessibility. ...
  2. Support for multiple languages. ...
  3. Full customization. ...
  4. Workflow automation. ...
  5. Personalized ticket pages. ...
  6. Ticket categories and tags. ...
  7. Knowledge base. ...
  8. Team empowerment.
Jan 13, 2022

Which app is used to book bus tickets? ›

redBus is the most popular app for booking bus tickets. You may use this app to search through various Indian cities and purchase bus tickets for either sleeper or Volvo buses.

What is an example of a ticketing system? ›


Freshdesk is a cloud-based ticketing support system that has all the necessary IT support features in one place, making it a popular Zendesk alternative. The functionality varies based on your plan but all plans include ticket management, team collaboration, social ticketing, and reporting.

What is the single ticket system? ›

If you're still unfamiliar, the single ticketing system harmonizes all the local laws on traffic enforcement, meaning the violations cited by enforcers will be uniform across various cities in the metro. In addition, motorists will no longer be required to settle their fines in the city where they were apprehended.

What is the bus system in C language? ›

Introduction. The Bus Reservation System is a basic console program that runs on the C platform and has no visuals. The system uses bus information, which includes the bus number, seat number, and the passenger's name, to book a seat on the bus. Under the passenger's name, the specific bus seat number is booked.


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