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UltimaTube is a WordPress Theme - See all Themes

Latest version: 1.2.3
Last updated: 2022-03-31
Active installations: 9.3K
WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher
PHP Version: 5.6 or higher

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You can download the UltimaTube zip file immediatly after payment.
You pay only one time and you own the product for life. No recurring payment.
Since you bought the product, you have access to its updates for free for life.
You can upgrade your sites plan by only paying the difference ( learn more ).
Mass import thousands of Adult Videos from the best Porn Tubes.
The most powerful WordPress MP4 Video Player plugin you've ever seen.
Search & download adult photos in your media in minutes and build beautiful galleries.
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Works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile. We have developed a dedicated mobile version with its own options.
100% compatible with all WP-Script Plugins . No web development or design skills required. Install plugins and enjoy.
Display banners inside video listings, in the sidebar on single video pages, in the footer, over and under the video player.
Responsive and mobile ready video player which plays MP4 and MPEG videos.
Use your own logotype. Change the main color. Customize the background. Display some datas or not. And much more...
Display blocks of videos on your homepage, under the video and inside the footer. Advertising location integrated.
Allow your visitors to watch a video trailer on mouse over the thumbnail. Played automatically and stop when mouse out.
Allow users to submit videos and contribute to your WordPress video site. A new draft post is created after the submission.
Use built-in page templates for your categories, tags and actors listings. Each template has its own structure and design.
Display photo galleries on your video site with photo categories and tags. Fancybox image popup already integrated.
Create a blog section on your video site with post categories and tags. Articles listing with featured images integrated.
With its own mobile theme options (eg. ad locations), we have developed a custom design for mobile devices.
The most effective Adult WordPress Theme you've ever seen.
Premium WordPress Responsive Video Theme with White Flat Design
Adult WordPress Theme inspired by the World's Biggest Porn Tube.
Full Color WordPress Adult Video Theme with Live Preview Customization.
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WP-Script has been very professional, first rate service in my book, I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking to start up their own site. I am pleased with the way customers are instructed on how to set up your site using demos it was very helpful.
Great themes and useful plugin for adult sites.
Used it on my main web greyangel.co and it's working fine. The setup is flawless
Open new ticket premium support video cant play after update.. please reply my ticket
Views/likes/dislikes are now displayed with human numbers (eg. 45K instead of 45325)
Video file upload in the video form for members (.mp4)
Thumbnail file upload in the video form for members (.png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg)
New video form options to display or not each field in the form
New video form options to make each field required or not
Prevent form to be displayed when using unconfigured reCaptcha
Full frontend (js) and backend (php) video form check for errors before submitting
File format and file size check on each uploaded file
Member video form submission fully rewritten
Set the member as the author when a post is created from the video form (instead of the admin)
Reselect the selected category in the video form when an error occures
Video title set to 'Untitled' when Title field is empty on video form submission
Thumbnails in rotation now uses thumbnails quality option
Thumbnails and trailers urls http load issues when passing site on https
Add option with new thumbnails ratios (DVD + Square)
Add option to set the thumbnails fit (contain / cover / fill)
Fix photos not displayed in photo archive page
Better theme css versioning for cache compatibility
Photos height in related photo galleries
Photos preview that could open under the photos thumbs
Visual bug on captions in galleries of photos
Meta social description when text is too long or has html tags
Theme options icon when child theme is activated
Visual bug on menu that could happen after switching theme
Fatal error when installing the theme before the core
Options fields issues on mobile and tablet
Image height in site-branding (logo)
Php fatal error when login to WordPress from softaculous
Iframe replacement in video url on post edit page
Read more visual bug on video pages
Broken pagination in mobile when pages number > 99
Gravatar not displayed with WordPress 5.5
Menu and search toggle with WordPress 5.5
404 errors when loading some assets
First letter for special chars preventing tags page to load
Shortcode advertising displaying issue on archive pages
Resolution switcher compatibility with FluidPlayer and WPS Player
Blocks with ad classnames to avoid Adblock to block some parts of the theme
Use gmdate() instead of date() to prevent durations issues on some servers configuration
LiveJasmin embed player responsive displaying
Special characters encoding on tags list page
Photo gallery on blog posts and pages displaying
Above related videos advertising displaying on mobile device
Error 500 on Tags template page when there is a lot of tags (2000+)
Close ad button when no ad displaying issue
Warning count() Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable warnings with php 7.3
PHP Fatal error Can't use function return value in write context with some old PHP versions
In-video banner display when WPS player plugin activated
New option to display Title and Description at the top or the bottom of the homepage
New option to display H1 title on the homepage to improve SEO
New option to display the tag description at the top or the bottom of the tag page
Language POT file and french translations
Possibility to display photos and blog categories and tags directly from the menu items selector
Login link in the comment section when users have to be logged to post a comment
Thumbnails rotation (the first image was bypass, the latest was displayed two times)
Actor thumbnail display problem for images added manually
Login popup displayed under the open mobile menu
Uncaught (in promise) DOMException console error when hovering videos trailers too fast in Google Chrome
New WordPress editor for Blog and Photos posts
4k resolution field in Video Information metabox
Number of videos per row option for mobile
Some banners displayed over the open mobile menu
Close and Play button issue (on video player advertising)
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