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The Internet has now become the major part of everyone’s life. We can do almost all our works online such as online bookings, purchasing goods and a lot more in just a few clicks.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5+ best booking PHP script which helps you to create an online booking website.

5+ Best Selling Booking PHP Script 2022 | FormGet (1)

You can get various functionalities like customized frontend, useful admin panel and more with the help of these scripts.

Online booking PHP script facilitates you with instant bookings and secure payments. With the help of payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe you can collect money online for your services which is convenient for you as well as for your users.

There are various advantages of using these booking PHP scripts such as-

  • If you are having a website for hotel bookings, then your visitors can get the room view prior booking with beautiful images. You can add various photo albums on your site with the help of these booking PHP scripts.
  • These scripts help you to sell your services easily by categorizing them. For eg in the case of online movie tickets website, you can categorize movies, events, festivals etc in the separate sections.
  • You can manage all the booking details, transaction details and more in the admin panel. Further, you can add advanced search filter in your site which helps your users to find services in no time.
  • The main advantage of having an online booking website is you can allow your customers to do online booking around the clock that is 24/7. This will help you to make a more user-friendly bond with your clients.

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There are so many features available in these booking PHP scripts let us discuss each one of them in detail.

1. Online Hotel Booking PHP Script Pro

This PHP script helps you to create an online hotel booking website. Here, you can add various functionalities such as customer login, the beautiful frontend for your website and a lot more.

With the help of this script, you can allow your users to do hotel reservation with real-time room availability. In addition to this, your users can select the number of days they want to stay and the room type i.e. adult or child room for instant booking purpose.

It supports multiple currencies so, you can collect payment from your international clients too. Further, the script supports multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and more.

5+ Best Selling Booking PHP Script 2022 | FormGet (2)


  • It has a useful admin panel, where you can get complete details of customers booking list in an organized manner. Also, there is a search bar section where you can search a particular booking by the client name.
  • There is a booking manager section where you will get a calendar view system. This helps you to view the total number of room availability on a particular day.
  • In the photo gallery section, you can upload beautiful images of your hotel rooms and attract visitors with the real-time view of the rooms.
  • An important feature of price planning manager available in this script where you can showcase pricing of rooms day wise. Further, you can display seasonal price and special offers for a room in the separate section.


You can buy this script at $31 with full support and future updates. Moreover, the extended license is available at $165 where you will get enhanced features and quality checked by Envato.

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2. Online Bus Ticket Booking PHP Script

This is a useful PHP script which is used to make a website which helps in online booking of tickets for buses in just a few clicks. Further, you can manage all your bus inventories such as pricing, schedule and more easily with the help of this script.

The code is customizable so, you can make changes in the code according to your requirement. Moreover, it helps you to do time and seat management of buses. Also, it provides you the complete booking details in the admin panel.

5+ Best Selling Booking PHP Script 2022 | FormGet (3)


  • The admin is allowed to view the complete details of each bus like bus name, time, fare, board and drop point and more. Also, they can add new route according to their need.
  • You can add the images of your bus in the gallery section along with its name which helps your travelers to recognize the exact bus instantly.
  • This script support payment gateway such as PayPal, through which you can collect money online with ease.
  • Add various promo code for online booking purpose in your site. Also, you can manage them easily by placing promo code, amount, expiry date and more in the admin panel.
  • It consists of various search filters which will help you to find the bus quickly with the bus name or number.


  • Online Bus Ticket Booking PHP script is available at just $40 with 6 months support. Also, you can extend your support up to 12 months by paying $13.13.
  • The extended license of this plan will cost you $525 with all the feature present in the regular license and quality checked by Envato.

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3. BookMySlot – Multi Vendor Booking PHP Script

This script helps you to start your online bookings website or appointment website in just a few clicks.

You can allow your customers to book their slots in no time. They can view your services info in the beautiful image section area where you can display photos of your services. Further, they can get more info about your product by just clicking on the images.

The admin can collect payment online with the help of inbuilt payment gateways like Stripe which were supported by this script.

5+ Best Selling Booking PHP Script 2022 | FormGet (4)


  • The script allows your customers to send the message directly to the vendor and connect with them easily. Further, your clients can book their slots with the help of dynamic time setting present for booking in this script.
  • It has an inbuilt email notifications feature. So, whenever a customer books their appointments, you as well as your users will get notify about appointment actions.
  • Admin gives permission to the vendor to create their event, event category and they will manage the booking of their customers on their own.
  • Your customers can track their bookings and invoices easily with the help of this booking PHP script.


  • You can get this PHP script at a reasonable price of $35 with quality checked by Envato. You will get future updates and 6 months support.
  • The extended license is available at $1024 where you will get all the features present in the regular license as well as some advanced features.

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4. Online Movies Ticket Booking – Ticket Bazaar

This script helps theater owners to create or add more functionalities in their online movie ticket booking website. Your users can find any latest movie date as well as theater location instantly in just a few clicks.

The filtration part for instant movie search is so good. You just have to select your current location and you will get to know about theaters and movies nearby you along with the dates.

The admin can collect payments easily with the help of payment methods such as credit or debit card, net banking, and more.

5+ Best Selling Booking PHP Script 2022 | FormGet (5)


  • The script supports a full-width slider where you can place beautiful movie images or posters which will be seen on the homepage of your website.
  • It has a category section where you can categorize movie booking on the basis of language, genre, and format that is 2D or 3D movies.
  • There is a customer testimonial section where you can showcase reviews and rating of your users. Also, you are allowed to showcase upcoming movie trailers online on your site.
  • You can also showcase upcoming festival and sports events date and booking system in your website along with movies booking.


Two different pricing available for this script these are –

  • Regular License – This plan will cost you $21 in which you will get free support, regular updates, plus it has quality checked by Envato.
  • Extended License – Get this plan at $525 with all the features of the regular license along with advanced features and future updates.

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5. Rental Sharing Website Script

RentALL, a customizable rental marketplace script, suiting to any niche rental application. It is used to create an online vacation rental booking website, car rental, bike rental, and boat rental.

When it comes to vacation rental script, it gives an effortless operation of the UI with inbuilt rudimentary features.

The admin can control all the operation from his dashboard, having a visually pleasing UI design and fast accessing of all the backend data.

5+ Best Selling Booking PHP Script 2022 | FormGet (6)


  • The impressive image compression feature
  • The optional phone verification system
  • Facilities to integrate multiple payment gateways
  • Seasonal pricing setup helping to hike/discount


  • We offer four plans such as Startup, Advanced, Startup-pro and Advanced-pro. All the schemes have in common is giving 100% source code, tech support, new software updates, free installation, and free SSL installation.
  • The startup plan cost $899 and the Advanced cost $1599. The difference is the Advanced version offers the multi-domain license.
  • The Startup pro and Advanced-pro comes with iOS and Android native app, Mobile App Submission and Mobile API

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6. Travo – Travel Agency & Tourism Management

Travo booking PHP script is used for creating and managing online travel agency website. It allows you to reserve tickets online for your users in holiday tour packages.

The script gives you a beautiful frontend with an amazing full-width slider for displaying various images. Also, it allows you to customize almost everything of the frontend on your website according to your wish from the admin panel in a few minutes.

5+ Best Selling Booking PHP Script 2022 | FormGet (7)


  • You can showcase your featured service area on the homepage along with package pricing, the total number of days and title of the tour in a systematic way.
  • The script supports useful dashboard from where the admin can handle all the bookings. Further, they can view the total number of tours, and orders with ease in the dashboard.
  • In the separate gallery section, you can showcase all your tour photo album and attract your visitors to choose your services. Moreover, the admin is able to see the day-wise tour description along with images in the backend dashboard area.


  • Buy the regular license of this script at $26 with all the future updates and full support for 6 months. Also, you can even extend your support up to 12 months by paying $7.88.
  • The extended license plan of this script will cost you $155 with advanced features and quality checked by Envato.

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7. Accomodo – Accommodation Booking PHP Script

This script allows you to make an online vacation rental website where people can do online booking of an apartment, homestays, etc in a fraction of time. It helps to book stay for travelers who don’t want to stay in hotels.

Admin can allow visitors to add their space description, rent, offers, rules and more on their website.

It supports Google API based search so, your visitors can search for accommodation based on current location in just a few minutes.

5+ Best Selling Booking PHP Script 2022 | FormGet (8)


  • There is an advanced search option where visitors just have to place their location, check in and check out date, along with a number of people. So, they will find accommodation instantly according to their requirement.
  • It has become a host option where, if a person wants to add their place on the website for the rental purpose, they can add it easily in no time. In addition to this, they can upload photos of their property to attract more customers.
  • The script supports payment gateways such as PayPal by which you can collect money from customers online in a more easy and secure way.
  • The admin can view the total number of registered users, booking, homestays and more in the dashboard area supported by this booking PHP script.


Get this Accomodo booking PHP script at $20 with 6 months support and regular updates. In addition to this, the extended license will cost you $525 which offers you more enhanced features and services.

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As you have read about the 5+ best selling booking PHP script, we hope you have understood each and every aspect of this blog. We have selected the best booking PHP script as per our knowledge, you can choose any of the above according to your requirement.

If you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more PHP scripts review.

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